From my Hart: Gigi’s Guardians

My cousin Gigi would have turned 28 here on earth just last week- but instead she celebrated, what I’m sure, was the most incredible birthday yet from Heaven! As for the rest of us here on earth, we celebrated in her absence.

My cousin, lived her life to make others happy. If it was your birthday, she was decorating for it, if you needed your kid to be watch- she was watching it, if you needed someone to stay longer on a shift, or pick up some food for you, she was your girl.

One of my other dear & creative cousins, decided to create Gigi cards- and we set out in droves. As, what I have named ourselves, Gigi’s Guardians, we try and celebrate her giving and selfless spirit here on earth.

Gigi Cake

For her birthday, all around the United States, we paid for birthday cakes. Some of our Gigi cakes, made their way back to us. It was so wonderful to see how much cheer, a paid-for-cake brought someone. It was also wonderful to share her spirit with those whom have not met her.


Christmas Eve Eve

Our first Christmas Eve Eve without Gigi, we did something similar. My family has a wildly fun tradition of gathering at Walmart, at midnight, on Christmas Eve Eve. We wish one another Merry Christmas Eve as the clock strikes midnight & go around finishing up any shopping we still may need to complete. It is our own holiday, and one Gigi loved!

2017 was our first Christmas Eve Eve without her- & it was only 12 days after she passed. We came bearing gift cards- and passed them out to people throughout Walmart. On the envelopes, was a small note about how we were honoring her that holiday.

It was so wonderful to see peoples reactions, and even more impactful to see their reactions change once they read the note. Much was the same this time around, as we set out to pay for cakes, many of us took to Facebook to express the reactions of those on the other side of the bakery counter. It was heartwarming.

New Movement

We’ve decided to keep this thing going. Gigi spent everyday helping others and bringing others joy, so we are going to do the same. There are talks of business cards, and other items in the works so we can spread Gigi’s joy year round!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- I’ve got an army of a family standing behind me. The creativity and willingness to keep a movement going like this is just so wonderfully overwhelming.

Take some time to pay it forward. You you have to spend money- just hold the door, make eye contact, talk to a stranger, say hello, wave to the car that let you over, or give someone a complement!

These little gestures go a loooong way & that is how Gigi lived.

Have a great weekend & stay tuned!

I will be sure to keep you all posted on the updates of this movement & hope you all spend this Labor Day weekend really enjoying your family & friends. Give big ‘ol Gigi hugs to those you love!

Next FriYay I will be recapping our Engagement party & can’t wait to see y’all then!


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