From my Hart: The Fun Committee

Work life balance, or lack there of, is something I see so many people struggle with. Heck, it’s something I struggle with! What helps the most is when your employer finds this to be important as well.

There is even a statistic that states “58 per cent of those who had not experienced workplace fun had been off sick for 11 or more days…” Onrec further states that office fun alleviates stress and boosts performance and productivity!

My work allows us to work from home when we can and we also have a fun committee at work, which helps with making work a bit more fun! I’ve put together some of our fun committee ideas that I think would be fun for you to try and suggest.

Office supplied lunches / breakfasts

My office has a budget they allot per month to spend on foods for us to cook with, order meals with, etc. They also don’t hesitate to supply us with lunch or a breakfast too just because.

What I’m really looking forward to is a Halloween Feast that we are having at the end of the month. The office is supplying the BOOze, while employees are encouraged to bring monstrous main course, scary sides & devilish desserts to share. This is possible because we have a full kitchen, but getting Panera or doughnuts once a month is simple and effective!

Themed days

We had a cabin fever day this past February. The entire office wass encouraged to wear slippers, pajamas and BYOB (bring your own blanket)! Think of themed days like spirit days in high school: you could do team days, wacky tacky days, or any other fun themed day to get the office involved.

Holiday Parties

We had a St. Partick’s Day party in March. Everyone brings a dish, and we all gather to enjoy the day! We also host a summer party with all of our families and a Holiday Party at the end of the year with our significant others.

You could make up a holiday, or celebrate everyone’s birthday on one day.

Office Outings

Have the office go out and play a round of mini golf or go bowling. Even taking a nice trip to the trail on a summer day is a great idea.What’s important is that you bring your employees together to enjoy being a human- not a work machine. When employees build bonds with one another, they are more willing to help each other out, and enjoy staying with their current employer. At least, that’s how I feel!

I hope you bring up the idea of a fun committee at your office! It’s so great to celebrate holidays, and even life events! My office thew me a surprise engagement party brunch & gave my fiance and I a lovely house warming gift.

Start small, birthday cards are a great way to show others you care. You don’t have to bring the puppies in for a visit, though I highly encourage it, to make a big impact in the work environment. Give the fun committee a try!

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