From my Hart: 27

Hello friends, today is my 27th birthday! I cannot believe it; no really, people kept reminding me it was my birthday. With moving and planning a wedding, my birthday was not on my radar.

I decided to do a mash-up post today. I am going to combine a year in review, with a things about me post. Below, I’ve pulled 27 things about me, and highlighted some incredible things that have happened over this last year! Let’s get to it!

1. I’m 27- late twenties- close to the big 3-0

2. I’m Christmas obsessed- even a little scary obsessed at times

3. We bought our first home


4. I’m still starch free & loving it (sorry donuts)

5. I have two more courses to complete and I will have my masters degree

6. I love even numbers

7. I’m proud of all that I have been able to accomplish

8. I’m getting better at saying no, and taking time for myself

9. God is my rock, and I owe him all the glory

10. I’m learning new skills at work

11. I have four tattoos

12. I’m in bed by 9 p.m. every night, even if I don’t fall asleep until later

13. I’ve got anxiety and depression- and that’s okay

14. We got engaged this summer


15. I’m still growing and working on myself daily

16. In my lifetime, I’ve had 11 piercings. I currently have 9

17. In a perfect world, I would have my own business of some kind that I could work from my home

18. I love creating a home- its so fun, and I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished

19. Did I mention I get to marry my best friend?

20. I will pick out a dog out of a crowd, and won’t calm down until I go meet it


21. I didn’t realize how large of a number 27 was until I started writing this post

22. I am passionate about helping those I love reach their goals

23. I love to craft and create things

24. Purple is my favorite color

25. The Little Book of Hygge was my latest read & I highly recommend it

26. Sapphires are my favorite stone because of the movie The AristoCats & Princess Diana

27. This year is going to be the best yet!


Thank you all again for coming along on this journey with me, and cheers to 27 years!

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