From my Hart: Whoops

Hey y’all, it’s Saturday! This week has been a lot for me… I was initially going to say it was a bad week, but that’s just not true!

I woke up Sunday with a migraine that lasted until Tuesday. Monday I tried to work from home but felt so sick I just laid in bed. I did force myself to go to therapy, which was well worth it as usual!

I’ve been jamming out to classical music in my car and it really is helping me relax during the ridiculous and unnecessary traffic Monday-Thursday mornings. It also is allowing me to work through my thoughts! I highly suggest it.

Instead of taking PTO for Monday, I put it upon myself (key words here) to work crazy hours the rest of the week to make up for the six hours missed. I purposefully didn’t work late on Wednesday and enjoyed our first Halloween in our new home! It was SO fun, and we had a blast.


Thursday I worked until 9 p.m., ever thankful for a boss and company that doesn’t bat an eye. As long as the work is done, you work whatever schedule you need. They never pressured me to make up my time or take PTO for Monday, they really trust their employees and thus, allow us to be able to WFH, or any schedule, when necessary and we give it our all back!

Friday rolls around and I’m in by 7:30 a.m. and working until 4:15 p.m., cranking out all sorts of things! After work I met my Mom for a mani / pedi and dinner & got the wonderful news that Smyth is going to deck me out in jewelry for our wedding!

That being said, I still came home and had a panic attack; you can thank the dreary weather, and my every growing mental to-do list. And now here we are; I’ve woken up on Saturday and WHOOPS, forgot to blog yesterday!

The thought crossed my mind to just toss up one of my posts I have sitting, waiting and ready; but why when I can take this moment to be real with y’all again.

We’ve all got a to do list, we all handle things differently. I am okay! I’ve happy to be awake and here with laundry going, breakfast in front of me, a paper to write & friends stopping by later.

Wedding items are moving at a wonderful pace, the house is great, I’ve got blessings to count! Moreover, I’m aware of the things I need to work on: saying no, asking for help early, and scheduling some down time for myself.

I’m a work in progress- we all are! I hope you enjoy this weekend and find peace in all you do! Let’s enjoy every moment!

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