From my Hart: Thanksgiving Prep

Hey y’all! Can you believe that this time next week, Thanksgiving will have come and gone and it will be Black Friday?

I personally, cannot wait so that I can deck our halls. In every house we looked into purchasing, my realtor was sure to comment on two things: “Okay which wall do you want to tear down & where are you putting your Christmas tree?”

Since I was little, I have always envisioned myself decorating my own home for Christmas- so this truly is a dream come true. My fiance and I stood outside on Halloween night and planned out how we would add wreaths and lights to our home. But I digress- that will be another post 😉

We, in the sweet exhaustion of moving, decided to host Thanksgiving! I wanted to quickly share with y’all some tools that I’ve been using to help keep ourselves from going insane.


I must have been somewhat in my right mind when agreeing to host Thanksgiving because I told my fiance I was on board- so long as we delegated. I have been using this lovely sheet to help me keep things organized! We are going to prepare the Turkey, drinks, table setting, etc. and have asked others to fill in the gaps! This really has helped alleviate the stress.


Tip #2: Stay Organized

I’ve also printed off a guest list tracker & a timeline to help. I tend to get up in my head and panic, and these help me see exactly what needs to be done when, and for exactly how many people.


You can find them here, and I keep everything in a nice folder right in our kitchen so we can access it easily!

Fun Things:

We got an adorable table setting, complete with a fresh new tablecloth from HomeGoods! I’ve kept our fall decor out & my fiance ordered us a fresh bird from the butcher around the corner. I cannot wait to show you all next week how it all turned out, but hope these items help you stay calm and collected during Thanksgiving! Remember, it’s all about being present, not perfect, and enjoying time with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

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