From my Hart: 2019 Floodgate

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas & a safe and Happy New Year.

I unfortunately came down with that nasty virus that’s going around the day after Christmas and have been knocked out, since.

I’m still taking it very slow and easy as to not backtrack on the progress I’ve made. With that, I was thinking of my mental health. I was really able to push everything aside and be present and focus on Christmas.

As I was just explaining to my fiancé on New Years Eve: “I feel as though all of those thoughts are pushing against the gate, waiting to rush me like a flood come the New Year.”

This is the daily mental struggle and balancing act I’ve referenced before. I’ve got A LOT to accomplish in just January alone of 2019: DC trip for engagement photos, bridesmaids trip for the last dress, visit my fiancé’s family for a late Christmas, cake testing and start my new position at work… just to name a few.

So usually I panic. However, I’m trying very hard to balance my thoughts so I am peaceful and present.

I’m going to deal with what is on my plate, in that moment, of that day, only. It’s how I enjoyed the holidays so much & it’s how I want 2019 to be.

We all have things going on, but we should all want to fully enjoy each day. Each day is a gift, we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I will not waste my present worrying over a day that I might not come to see.

Now, that is fully easier said than done. But that’s my goal & I’m gonna fake it until I make it!

What are you goals, resolutions or reflections for this New Year? Let’s make it the best yet!

Cheers to 2019

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