From my Hart: Delicious Date

Happy FriYay y’all!

I’ve been busy busy researching Hygge and following incredible bloggers who are curating the homes of my dreams! As we are finally taking down Christmas decorations, we will be rolling out new decor and storage / organization and I will certainly be bringing some of that to the blog!

But for today’s blog post, I’ve got a sweetly delicious date idea for y’all!

Dessert Date Night!

Both my fiancé and I enjoy cooking, but we also love to go out and enjoy a crafted meal. The other night we prepared dinner, ate and then headed out the door for dessert and drinks at one of our favorite spots!

My fiancé had his most favorite creme brûlée & I opted for the apple cobbler.

This date had it all!

It allowed us to get out of the house.

Gave us something new and fun to do we both enjoy.

We got to go to one of our favorite spots.

This date doesn’t break the bank either!

It was a great time. Full disclosure though, this was the night I came down with the horrible virus going around, so I was not feeling great, I couldn’t eat and we didn’t hang out- my fiancé ate and we left. However! We loved the idea and have a few more dessert date nights planned for the future!

Cheers to the weekend, dessert date night & an amazing year!

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