From my Hart: The Switch

Hey y’all! I’ve been in a funk recently! A real fearful and depressed mood.

I’m still dealing with bits of the mood, but I decided to make a switch on Sunday and everything has turned around!

I care too much what others think, but I was really unhappy with a few things in our wedding line up. For one, and the huge secret I have not told anyone except my mother- is that I did not love my dress.

I got the dress at a blowout sale for a couple hundred dollars, and it was beautiful, but it was not me. Whenever I would imagine our wedding day- I’d have to remind myself “but that’s not what your dress looks like.”

I was terrified to tell my Mom, and on our way to a bridal show on Sunday, it came out very gently. She agreed with my feelings and we made an appointment to go look Monday after work. You see Tuesday I was scheduled to alter the first dress.

Fast forward to an amazing experience and finding my dream dress- I am genuinely ecstatic! I woke up Tuesday morning with an actual smile on my face. Most importantly, I felt completely at peace.

The next switch I made was regarding my bachelorette party.

I’m very blessed that a dear friend and bridesmaid of mine offered up her lake house for us to us. The lake is my favorite place so I went along with the idea as my bridesmaids picked a weekend that worked best for them and it all just kinda happened.

The closer we got, the more anxious I became. I thought maybe it was because nothing was planned- but then when people began to RSVP and details began to be hashed out- my anxiety grew.

This again was not what I wanted fully- I was settling again.

So I pulled a switch! I quickly looped in my bridal party that I was making a change and pulled the trigger- deleting the first event and rolling out my idea.

It’s local, it’s cheaper, I won’t have to worry about hosting people for a weekend, worrying about people traveling, worrying about what we are going to do, having my friends have to pay for multiple things, and I get to invite more of the people I had to leave out the first time!

We are having a private cooking class followed by a luscious brunch downtown! We can then go shop around or have a few drinks at a bar- and that’s it!

The outpour from friends and the bridal party was wonderful! They all were so excited for the new idea and I was honestly shocked at the friends who were thankful this wasn’t a weekend thing- they loved the day idea! Going back to tradition of you ask me.

So take a deep dive today on this fine Friday. Where can you make the switch in your life? Follow your gut and enjoy everything this life has given you!

Happy FriYAY friends!

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