From my Hart: Delicious Date

Happy FriYay y’all!

I’ve been busy busy researching Hygge and following incredible bloggers who are curating the homes of my dreams! As we are finally taking down Christmas decorations, we will be rolling out new decor and storage / organization and I will certainly be bringing some of that to the blog!

But for today’s blog post, I’ve got a sweetly delicious date idea for y’all!

Dessert Date Night!

Both my fiancé and I enjoy cooking, but we also love to go out and enjoy a crafted meal. The other night we prepared dinner, ate and then headed out the door for dessert and drinks at one of our favorite spots!

My fiancé had his most favorite creme brûlée & I opted for the apple cobbler.

This date had it all!

It allowed us to get out of the house.

Gave us something new and fun to do we both enjoy.

We got to go to one of our favorite spots.

This date doesn’t break the bank either!

It was a great time. Full disclosure though, this was the night I came down with the horrible virus going around, so I was not feeling great, I couldn’t eat and we didn’t hang out- my fiancé ate and we left. However! We loved the idea and have a few more dessert date nights planned for the future!

Cheers to the weekend, dessert date night & an amazing year!

From my Hart: Wedding Do’s & Don’t s

Herro friends! Today I come to you with a list of things that I’ve once again, complied based on experience wedding planning, in conversations with friends and or all on my own.

Our wedding is only 141 days away and I cannot wait. I’m also trying very hard to be present and soak up these wonderful moments.

Without further a due- lets dive into my newest wedding do’s and don’t s.


Do: RSVP in accordance to the date listed on the invitation.

Don’t: RSVP late, RSVP in a way other than instructed (texting when an RSVP online or via mail was requested) or assume the couple knows you will attend.

Bonus don’t: Don’t try and accomplish it all. If you have another predetermined event, RSVP no.

The exception to this is if the wedding is more casual in nature or events are at separate times.

A good rule of thumb is that your “yes” RSVP will reflect you attending the entire event: ceremony through the dinner & so on.

Do: Respect the way in which the invitation is addressed.

Don’t: Add additional guests that were not listed in the addressing of the invitation. For more clarification see this previous post.


Do: Send congratulations, support, and best wishes to the happy couple

Don’t: Ask financial questions, send personal requests, berate or speak negatively towards decisions the couple has made.

Bonus Don’t: Constantly compare.

There have been countless weddings in the history of time. The couple is going to do some things similar to and different from other weddings you’ve attended or been in. While it might seem helpful, constant comparison to a way another couple chose to execute their big day, is not.

Wedding Website:

Do: Use it!

If a couple send out a wedding website, please consult it! There will be cute anecdotes about how the couple met, who’s in the wedding and pictures.

However, important information, such as hotel reservation, travel, registry and day-of / venue information is listed there for the ease of communicating with guests!

Don’t: Ignore it or share it.

Check save the dates, invitations, and other means of communication to see if the couple is using a wedding website. If there is a passcode, it’s safe to say the couple wants to keep things among invited guests (for whatever reason their heart desires) and you should respect that.


Do: Respect the dress code, if there is one. There is a great chance the Happy Couple is trying to include their guest on setting the mood for their big day.

Don’t: Push the boundaries. It’s a wedding- not a night club.

Our wedding: We have asked our guests to please wear semi-formal attire to our evening, adult only affair. I’ve included the Google definitions below to help as an example.

Women: “Women have a wide range of choices with semi-formal attire. This may include a pantsuit in a dressy fabric, such as silk, cashmere, or satin. A dress or dressy suit with a dressy top, with heels, strappy sandals, or dressy flats may also be worn.”

Men: “Semi-formal means wearing a full suit, with vest optional. A tie is also optional and the shirt should be a simple button down. The biggest difference here for semi-formal attire is that a tie is not necessary.”

Home stretch:

141 days! It sounds like so much time but considering how Christmas is now almost a month ago, these days will fly!

It’s so easy to get caught up into all the nitty-griddy of wedding planning. Thankfully we are done except for our walk thoughts and all the fun to come: bridal shower, bachelorette/bachelor weekends, rehearsal dinner, etc!

As we progress, I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date! Please let me know what other kinds of posts you’d like to see in 2019!

Cheers to the weekend- lets make it fantastic!

From my Hart: Christmas Decor

Y’all! I’ve been waiting my entire life to decorate my very own home for Christmas. As I’ve mentioned before, our realtor was always sure to comment on two things: which wall did you want to knock down & where are you putting the Christmas Tree?

I’ve had such fond memories of trinkets passed down, Christmas decor & items that have gone to pass over the years; like the mechanical and musical Mr. & Mrs. Clause my grandparents had. As you may imagine, I’ve been stashing away a lot of Christmas decorations over the years. There is a lot I’ve not included in this post and a lot of items we didn’t even put out!

I am so excited to bring to you a compilation of how my fiance and I have decorated our home for our first Christmas! To kick things off- here’s a picture of my supportive fiance and I decorating 🙂


First Floor







Up the stairs we go!





Other Highlights


I hope you’ve enjoyed our mini tour! May all your days be merry & bright!

From my Hart: Our First Thanksgiving

Hello all! I’m sorry to be coming to y’all on Small Business Saturday instead of Black Friday but I’ve had so many wonderful things going on, this is the first time I’ve gotten to sit and relax.

On Thanksgiving we hosted my and my fiancé’s immediate families. It was a wonderful time!! We all mixed, mingled & enjoy delicious food together!

With a bit of rearranging, we were able to extend our dinning room table to fit everyone! We leaned on our families to help bring side dishes & cooked the big bird!

I got some wonderful table setting items from Walmart & Amazon, a new tablecloth from HomeGoods & the table was set!

I made my go-to appetizer: bre with caramel topping served with ginger snaps. We got Wegmans mashed potatoes because they are a top favorite in our family, and also served mac’n’cheese, brussels sprouts & rolls.

We had the most wonderful time with everyone & think we’ll be making this our tradition for the years to come!

From my Hart: Thanksgiving Prep

Hey y’all! Can you believe that this time next week, Thanksgiving will have come and gone and it will be Black Friday?

I personally, cannot wait so that I can deck our halls. In every house we looked into purchasing, my realtor was sure to comment on two things: “Okay which wall do you want to tear down & where are you putting your Christmas tree?”

Since I was little, I have always envisioned myself decorating my own home for Christmas- so this truly is a dream come true. My fiance and I stood outside on Halloween night and planned out how we would add wreaths and lights to our home. But I digress- that will be another post 😉

We, in the sweet exhaustion of moving, decided to host Thanksgiving! I wanted to quickly share with y’all some tools that I’ve been using to help keep ourselves from going insane.


I must have been somewhat in my right mind when agreeing to host Thanksgiving because I told my fiance I was on board- so long as we delegated. I have been using this lovely sheet to help me keep things organized! We are going to prepare the Turkey, drinks, table setting, etc. and have asked others to fill in the gaps! This really has helped alleviate the stress.


Tip #2: Stay Organized

I’ve also printed off a guest list tracker & a timeline to help. I tend to get up in my head and panic, and these help me see exactly what needs to be done when, and for exactly how many people.


You can find them here, and I keep everything in a nice folder right in our kitchen so we can access it easily!

Fun Things:

We got an adorable table setting, complete with a fresh new tablecloth from HomeGoods! I’ve kept our fall decor out & my fiance ordered us a fresh bird from the butcher around the corner. I cannot wait to show you all next week how it all turned out, but hope these items help you stay calm and collected during Thanksgiving! Remember, it’s all about being present, not perfect, and enjoying time with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

From my Hart: Asking the Groomsmen

Hey all! I’m back with more wedding updates! I’m super pleased to have a fun and quick bridal party update today for you all.

My fiance was so excited to ask his groomsmen, and he had a brilliant idea!

He asked each of them what their favorite liquor was, under the white lie that he was curious what kind we should supply for the wedding. Once he knew their favorites, off to the liquor store we went!

My fiance has a connection with an engraver, and he took the bottles to him to be engraved! HELLO HOW BRILLIANT! I’m obsessed with how great they turned out.



His groomsman all were so excited to be ask, and plan on keeping the bottles, unopened, forever! I just love this idea. It could be used for any life event. Think of a bottle of champagne engraved as a wedding gift or an engraved wine bottle commemorate buying a home! I wish I had thought of this for the bottle of pink bubbly I bought my cousin for the birth of her baby girl!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I cannot wait to celebrate another wonderful friend’s wedding & attend a huge craft festival that is tradition for my Mom and I. See you all next week!

Thank you to Nick at Smyth Jewelers for the feature image

From my Hart: Venue & Home Updates

Happy Friday once again everyone! Today I come to you with news that has been brewing since we got back from our blissful engagement in August. Today’s blog post is two fold & I’m so excited to share the news!

We bought a house!

After over a year of searching, we finally settle on our first home next week! It was nothing short of a blessing that we put an offer in that was accepted, on my cousins first heavily birthday. We’ve lost count of all the homes in which our offers were declined, never looked at, or that we lost before we could get our offer in.

I certainly never would have picked two weeks after our engagement for our home buying process to kick in, but I’ve taken it in stride as best as I can, knowing God would never give us more than we could handle. The saying is true: God’s timing, not mine.

So here we are! After a month of paperwork, phone calls, excitement, stress & all of the above, we are just four days from settlement. We are humbled and completely blown away by the amount of blessings coming our way. Our realtor / mortgage and insurance team are incredible and have made things so simple! Our families & friends are going above and beyond too & we cannot thank you all enough!

In other exciting news: we picked a venue!

We will officially be getting married in the summer of 2019 and I so look forward to sharing more home and wedding updates with you all! I’m sure there will be fun and serious posts to share; especially since we picked the venue that is closest to our families, but that has a cap on the number of guests we can invite.

With our exciting news out there- I am breathing a sigh of relief! I’m so excited to share with you guys these two huge milestones. I had planned on blogging next Friday, but I have decided to take next Friday off, both from work and blogging, so that I can clean, paint and move into our home!

I will be back on the 5th of October with more wonderful updates & insights! Thank you all for following along: let the adventures begin!