Knits from my Hart

Hello friends!

I’ve added a new page to my blog dedicated to all of my knitting adventures! I am by no means, a master at knitting. I just love creating and learning, and wanted to share that with all of you!

I hope you enjoy my knitting adventures & I’d love to hear from you with tips, tricks & to see your creations too.


Knit for Hire:

I’ve been luckily enough to make a friend at work who is also into knitting! She showed me just how simple it is to make hats, and well y’all.. that’s all she wrote! I’ve been a hat making machine every since! I even keep some in my car in case I run into someone less fortunate, and hand them out.

Below are just three of the dozen hat’s I’ve been cranking out since December 2017. You will see a small baby beanie (shown with & without a pom-pom) that I knit for my niece, as well as two that I made for my boyfriend’s work-mom & her son. They are my first “knit for hire” pieces! I love making others happy with this simple gift/talent I’ve learned.



Recent Knits:



PrincessL hats