From my Hart: Drawing a blank

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m off work, as I hope many of you are. Happy President’s Day! I’ve been going, going, going recently, and when I logged on today to see what I could post, I was met with four half finished blogs and my mind drawing a blank.

Since I vowed to keep things real with y’all, I decided to just be real. I’m drawing a blank. I had felt really moved to write a lot of posts about kindness, and I feel those served me well. Now, I feel as if I am in a resting period, processing everything that’s been going on.

What’s going on?

For the past month, my family and I have been sick. It started with the flu, morphed into sinus infections, bronchitis, and now strep throat for me. I also found out Friday into Saturday that I am allergic to penicillin…. huzzah -.-

Graduate School

Between all of that, I’ve been getting my butt in gear to finish up my last few classes of graduate school! I decided to take a break during my lag in employment, so I will now be graduating this December! I love learning and writing, but I am also very excited to finish this chapter in my life- cross the sage, and get my Masters.


My boyfriend and I have been having real adult conversations with one another about our future. Things like marriage, homes, goals… you know, the usual. One thing we’ve both realized is that him and I are doing this. As he put it so eloquently, at the end of the day its us living with our decisions, so we have to figure things out. 0_o adulting can be scary.

We are both blessed with wonderful families, and so many people who care for us. The reason I share this with you is because maybe you are trying to make life decisions, and are worried about what others think of your decision or may want you to do. It’s a balance between respect an independence: it can be met.


Thanks to a co-worker, I’ve gone starch free. This has been super difficult, mainly because I am living with my family who is not starch free. I will say, when I get my crap together and plan my meals out, it’s very easy to cut out things like breads, pastas, potatoes, etc. Did you know banana’s are a starch? I do now.

I feel great, I’m down eight pounds, and sleep so much better at night. My body is processing my food as energy instead of storing it up. It’s been interesting, but so long as I’m eating “real foods,” things go pretty smoothly overall! Eventually I will reintroduce good starches, like sweet potatoes, back in. However, there is no need for me to eat three doughnuts in a day, or reach for a starch filled snack that won’t last, when I could have something better for me.


All of that being said, I’m really being tested with my patience recently. If you know me personally, you know I have about a teaspoon of patience. It’s a shame, and something I want to fix. I need to realize in the moment to count to ten and ground myself… because Lord knows, this is where I fall apart.

If you’ve got some patience growing tips, please share haha. It’s a work in progress. I’m just thankful my boyfriend doesn’t give up on me, he also knows exactly how to ground me, which is a miracle. I’ll get there, one step at a time.

What’s next?

Great question! Graduate school starts up in March, so my posts may go down to once a week, depending on how well I am able to balance two jobs and my school work.

You guys always come up with the best post ideas; I encourage you to let me know of any topics you’d like to hear. It’s my hope, that we all take some time to process now and again. It’s actually kind of relaxing to just sit, and be. Happy Monday y’all!

From my Hart: Spreading Kindness

Hey y’all! I initially posted this to LinkedIn, but thought I could really expand on it here. Since my boyfriend and I started reading #31CreativeWays, From my Hart: 31 Creative Ways Review, I’ve really been more intentional with everyone in my life. That includes my co-workers.

How so? Here’s an example using Valentine’s Day:

It took 30 minutes for our digital marketing manager to create these cards. Only one hour to write 3 things we like about each employee to put on the cards. 10 minutes to stuff mugs with Hershey kisses. Hardly any time at all to hand these out & make peoples day.

Kendall has a gift y’all… HOW CUTE ARE THESE!?

I’ve been reading a lot of statistics lately that not only do employees feel more valued, but they also are more productive and take less sick time when an employer gives a little recognition & adds some fun to the office. It’s doesn’t have to be a grand gesture… but I promise the results will be.

People in the office are still commenting on how much they loved the cards and candy. I’ve noticed everyone still has their card on display at their desk, and even though the mugs were ones we had in house, the gesture went far beyond what we expected.

Kindness is simple

Making someone’s day does not have to be a grand gesture. It could be something as simple as letting someone in front of you while driving, or holding the door open for someone. Take a few seconds to send a text to someone in your life, letting them know you love them and are proud of them… or whatever you feel moved to say!

Lending an ear, or helping someone who is busy while you have some down time, are all great examples of simple ways to show kindness too. I’ll let you in on a little secret too, spreading kindness makes you feel really good too!

To my readers & followers

I’m so thankful for y’all! You’ve taken the time out of your day, to hear what I have to say, and that is magic! Because of you, I have this wonderful opportunity to do what I love- writing- and that means the world to me. THANK YOU!

Let’s take this FriYAY and spread some kindness around! Have a great weekend you awesome person you.

From my Hart: Kindness

The end of 2017 was a roller-coaster for myself and my family. With the sudden death of my cousin, our December was turned upside down.

What I wish to blog about today is kindness.

I am fortunate enough to say, that I was very much overwhelmed with the amount of kindness that I received after my cousin passed. However, I am feeling very moved by the lack of kindness from those who didn’t know her well, or at all.

Why bother with them?

The question is valid & I would love to say that I avoided the negativity swiftly in the wake of her passing, but that is not true; thanks to social media.

The amount of people who were able to leave their extremely negative and insensitive comments on the breaking new of the accident, are things I am haunted by still today and wish I had never seen.

A plea for kindness

In this new year, I am asking for kindness. I hope from the bottom of my heart, that you would think twice before leaving a negative comment, before cussing out that car that cut you off, before getting angry with someone for not holding the door, etc.

My mother always told me that you never know someones side of the story. The person who cut you off could be rushing off to the hospital; the person who didn’t hold the door could have just lost their job, etc.

But also, that person could just be an @$$, and that is the type of person who needs kindness more than any of us.

I will admit, in the moment this is very hard. But if we all make an effort to try and be more kind, we can really make a difference in this world! The idea pairs well with my post from last week about filling yourself up with positivity.

Kindness always

This doesn’t just mean being kind to someone who wasn’t kind to you. This also means being kind to others who are kind. Spread kindness around like confetti!

Additionally, I encourage you to think twice before commenting on a post or a news article on social media. Think about those effected by the news, and could we all stop with the backhanded negativity? You know what I mean: “I’m so sorry this happened to you, but….”

This is particularly hard, and something I fail at often. With the ease of access today, and the new community groups online, information is zooming into our faces almost as instantly as it happens. Our responses though, do not have to happen so instantly, or at all for that matter.

My goals in kindness

Wish you saw more positive things on social media? Post them.

Want to see more happiness in the world? Smile more. Say hello to others!

Having a bad day? Turn up some happy tunes and focus on something fun upcoming.

Wish people cared a little more? Be intentional with those in your life.

Being kind begins as a choice, and develops into a habit. You may be tested, or take a step back, but so long as you are trying to be kind always, things work out for the best.


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From my Hart: Coffee or Tea

Here is an inspiring riddle I heard this on a local radio station the other morning…. for all of my coffee and tea debaters, this is right up your alley!

The scenario:

If you have a full cup in the morning, what is inside? Coffee or tea? You go about your morning, sipping on your beverage of choice, walking down the street, when all of the sudden someone bumps into you.

Your cup is also bumped, because you are holding onto your cup. So what spills out?

Coffee or tea of course.

Okay so…?

The same situation can be applied to you as a human.

If you moving through life and get bumped into, whatever fills you up inside is what will spill out of you.  If you fill yourself with negativity, that is what will come out when you hit a bump in the road.

The goal, is to fill yourself with gratefulness, kindness and positivity, so that when you get bumped by life, those are the things that spill out of you!

*Insert aha moment here*

I hope that hit a core for you as it did for me! Here’s to Friday, and may you fill your cup with your favorite beverage, and your soul with all things positive!

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From my Hart: Tips for Good Health

The flu has been real this season y’all. Below, I’ve mapped out some super simple things that we all should be doing daily. I think it’s always great to bounce ideas off of one another and add some best practices to our arsenal.

I will tell you what my doctor told me: the flu has so many strands, that if you are waiting around for the “typical flu” symptoms, you might be mistaken. Always consult a medical professional, and don’t wait until you are so sick that your only option is a ride in an ambulance.

doTERRA On Guard Beadlet’s

I take two of these daily. You can buy them here, via Amazon, or directly through doTERRA. They are smaller than any pill I’ve ever seen, and are filled with the following essential oils: wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus & rosemary.

Why? These tiny beadlet’s pack a punch & support your immune and respiratory health. Hey, every little bit helps!


Utilize my Diffuser & Oils

On that same topic, I have been utilizing my diffuser like a mad-woman. Between my Mom’s essential oil collection, and our own, my boyfriend and I have been able to customize our daily blends for our daily health needs.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I love Nerys Purchon & Lora Cantele’s essential oil handbook! You can find that here, on Amazon. Let’s say I have a cough… I can flip right to the index, find cough, then flip to pages that will tell me which oils to use (and how to use them) to combat said cough. This goes for ANY ailment you may have.


Disclaimer: Please make sure when using essential oils that you do your research. Not only do you want 100% pure essential oil, you also want to make sure you are using them safely, and in the proper dosage and way.


Aside from drinking half my body weight in water each day (which has SO many health benefits) I have been drinking tea non-stop! I will add in honey or some lemon, and sometimes even some essential oils! This further helps fight off any sick feelings, and helps keep me warm!


Say No

I have turned down certain events bases on my weekly schedule, because I know I would be running ragged. Taking time to yourself to just do nothing, can really help keep your immune system up to speed. I learned this the hard way- by always saying yes and paying the price: mentally and physically.

Think about it this way: If you drive you car and never refill the gas, you car won’t drive anymore! Same goes for your body; you need to REST and take some time to yourself. By scheduling some down time, and saying no, you are preserving your health.

Plus puppy cuddles are the best

Wash my hands / Clean my work space

Please wash your hands… a lot. Not only do I wash my hands after opening mail or touching random things in the office, I also make sure to use Purell after I’ve pumped gas, or touched doors/items in public. Then I run straight to the bathroom and wash my hands when I am able.

Tip: Sing happy birthday (mentally, or out loud- you do you) while washing your hands with soap and the warmest water you can manage. Then, use the paper towel to turn off the faucet & to open the bathroom door.

I also keep Clorox wipes by my desk and wipe down my keyboard, mouse pad, and desk daily. Further, I avoid those in the office who are sick… avoid them like the plague haha!

Really simple, but effective

I do not believe that I’m a medical professional. However, I do the above daily to try and manage my health as best as I can. Eating well is also a huge key to staying healthy. With the right diet, necessary vitamins are consumed and help fight of illness.

Additionally, I’ve had some tough emotional times this past winter, and cannot stress how important it has been for me to listen to my body. Doing that has further allows you to rest when needed, and know when your not feeling right.

I hope you have learned something, and that you too try and stay healthy this winter, & always!


From my Hart: Baby Knits

Hey y’all! I’m at the stage in life where the constant wedding showers are starting to turn into baby showers… & I love it! I’ve really got this awesome aunt thing down- I think it’s my calling in life.

Any who, one of my sorority sisters & awesome friends is having the cutest baby girl, and her co-ed shower (which I love co-ed showers by the way) is Star Wars themed! She asked me to knit a Princess Leia hat for her baby girl. WHOO YAS

This was definitely trial & error. Knitting the hat was simple-dimple, but how was I going to achieve her classic buns? My initial thought was to braid, and then sew the braids together into a circle by spiraling it. Once I attached a bun to the hat, it blended right it. I was not happy; off to Pinterest I went.

I noticed one person used, what I assumed to be, a doughnut shaped pieced of card stock with string wrapped around it to make the puffy buns; just like you could with hair. But I really wanted baby K to be able to wear this hat & didn’t think that would be the best choice.

I decided to use the braided brown yarn, but to stack the braids on top of one another as I spiraled them, instead of laying them flat. This gave more dimension & distinction from the rest of the hat.

I also noticed the buns in all of the pins I was viewing, were lower on the hat and hanging off, instead of flush with the hat; so I lowered them instead of sewing them right in the middle of the hat.

Y’all I am so happy with my first Princess Leia baby hat! I think it is so stinking cute! I cannot wait to see this on display at Ashley & Jeffery’s shower & absolutely cannot wait to see their sweetie pie with it on.


I hope this inspires you to try and create some out of the normal knits & if you have any fun designs you’ve done, please share! I’d love to check them out and keep the creative juices flowing.

From my Hart: 31 Creative Ways Review

Y’all, I bought a set of books for my boyfriend and I on a whim. I was thinking about ways that we could break the normalcy that we had fallen into and boom- there was this book set.

I didn’t know how the books were going to be laid out, or what was in them except that they had gotten wonderful reviews and would give us 31 Creative Ways to Love and Encourage one another.


What’s inside? Well these books are written by husband and wife team Jeff and Alyssa Bethke. Alyssa wrote my book, which focuses on ways to love and encourage my boyfriend. And Jeff wrote my boyfriend’s book which focuses on ways he can love and encourage me!

As you’ll see above, this is not a lot of reading for one day. We each take about five minutes to read and ask questions or respond to one another. The best part, I think, is that our days are different. Day four for me was about snack time, while my boyfriends day four was about communication!

How it’s going so far:

I’ve got to say, I think these books are adding something wonderful to our relationship. That is not to say that we were in bad shape, but by taking just five minutes a day to focus on each other in a way we wouldn’t necessarily think to, has been great!

Further, this will continue to be a really great resource for us as we progress in our relationship. By taking notes about each topic, we are essentially creating a best practices for days ahead! For example: I made it a point to jot down snacks my boyfriend likes as well as ones he does not, so when the time comes, I’ll be ready.

Final thoughts

I feel strongly that it is important to do maintenance on your relationship, no matter how long you have been together. That being said- these books are a super quick and fun way to do just that!

I hope you enjoyed my quick review & thanks for stopping by!