From my Hart: Anxiety and Positivity

You guys…. how come no one warned me to slow down and not grow up?

Oh…. yeah, okay I guess quite a few people did. But why didn’t I listen?! Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but man is it also really taxing on my anxiety.

After a real conversation Sunday night about buying a house, and pouring over our excel spreadsheets (which are insanely helpful to keep each of our income vs bills each month in line, as well as to show us how we would fair buying a house), I went to bed exhausted.

Jokes on me because I did not sleep! When I’m really anxious over something, I do this awful thing where I dream that I am doing whatever stressed me out. When I used to work as a waitress, I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking I had missed a table. Sunday night, I woke up thinking I was working in our excel sheets.

When I was able to get back to bed, between tossing and turning and these awful stress-dreams, I was having freaky dreams about some of my deepest fears. I woke up before my alarm because I was afraid I was going to miss it, and the day only threw more crap at me.

The Monday-est Monday

I forgot it was PJ day at work until I was less than a minute away from the office.

I forgot to bring in my pajama donations for Casey Cares also.

The Panera was closed and I had to drive there and back to the office twice to get our order, which I placed in advance last week.

Our Tax lady was overwhelmed and I sat on her floor for three hours preparing documents.

I played phone tag with two very important companies all day.

I then spent an hour in the post office after I had gotten off work to make sure all the documents were sent correctly.

I had sass and bull crap throw at me.

And I handled it all with grace. Pure, smile on my face, it really didn’t bother me like I expected, GRACE!


The Grace of God. I woke up and prayed, asked God to take it away, to help me through everything, and to have a great day.

I grabbed my essential oils, covered myself in them, and got down to business! The above items were a nuance, but no reason to ruin my day! I’m alive, healthy, functioning, capable, and deserved to have a good day!

It is 100% a mental exercise. Did I want to be rude back to people, of course. Did I want to huff and puff at the post office, sure… but those workers had been dealing with last minute tax people all day anyway.

In conclusion πŸ™‚

What you put out in the world will come back to you my friends! Do a quick mental scan. Are you mostly negative (either out loud or mentally to yourself) and do you experience negativity regularly? YES

I know because I’ve been there! I’ve super malleable, and negativity gets me down and I can get out. So I cut out that negative, and negative people, and I spew kindness like the common cold.

Give Kindness & Get Kindness

Be Positive & Get Positivity

You will have to continually work at it, and some days you will fail, but you will be so better for it- I promise.

From my Hart: House Hunting

Everyone, we found the house! OUR house, the house that felt so right, but… we’re not moving in.

What happened?

We stumbled upon a short sale, in a neighborhood we loved, close to stores, our church and to the highway to get to work. It was in our budget, and already had everything we wanted plus more! Hello perfection!

When I walked in, my eyes lit up, and our realtor looked right at me and said “this is the one.” I could no longer contain the feelings I was trying to hide; with each step further into the house I was getting more and more excited.

My parents were with me, as my boyfriend was out of town. Dad went full inspector by turning on lights, turning on appliances, flushing toilets, making sure things were in working order.

Mom was getting more and more excited as we ventured from room to room, and even began talking about house warming gifts and what to do with the spaces. I was texting my boyfriend pictures and we planned on viewing it again the next day with him, so we could sign the papers for our offer.

My boyfriend and I talked in length about it, and he gave me his blessing; if the house looked anything like the pictures, and felt right, to have our realtor draw up the papers. Don’t worry, I didn’t go rogue and try to buy a house without him.

Next steps

The next day I was watching the clock, I couldn’t wait to go see it again. When the time came, and I was walking out of the office to go meet my boyfriend at our house, I got two calls that changed everything. First from my realtor, who was audibly shaken. “Jamie I could cry…”

Due to the nature of a short sale, once an offer comes in, the reviewer has 30-40 days to only view the offer placed in front of them. We were now second in line for our home. Even if we offered two million for the home, and the first offer was for 150k, they would have had no idea of our offer unless the reviewer passed on the first offer.

Pissed, to say the least, I got in my car and start driving. Rationalizing to myself that the first offer would be rudely low and they would move onto our offer. That was when our loan officer called. “The bank is only willing to give 1% for closing costs…”

Excuse me…

It was at this point, that I realized there was nothing we could do. Our house, was not going to be ours. The irony is, both my boyfriend and I prayed the night before (without realizing each others prayer) that if this was meant to be, that God would show us. Well, he sure did.

Did I ugly cry the entire way to the house? Yep. Did I walk though again with just as much excitement and still feel right at home? Yep. Did my boyfriend love it? Yep.

Did the reviewer accept the first offer? Yep. It’s with some sense of relief I write that. For the past month I have been obsessing over getting into this house. That somehow, they would pass on the first offer, that everything would line up and we would get the house. After a month of emotions, I’m glad there is no longer a chance, and I can finally move on and focus my sights on finding another house.

Now what?

My boyfriend was able to focus on the future more quickly than I was. See above haha. We’ve seen a bunch of houses since & are determined to let go and let God.

Our realtor and loan officer, are an incredible team. Both understanding the heartbreak and offering words of encouragement and support. Our realtor even began making advancements to see if we could find another house in that same neighborhood.

I glad that we had this experience. We’ve learned a lot, and most importantly, I know the feeling. That feeling when there’s not doubt in your mind if the house is right or not. We’re thankful to our families, team & God, for walking along with us and pointing us in the right direction.

So the hunt continues my friends! We shall see were this journey ends up; thanks for tagging along!


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From my Hart: About Me Q&A

Hello all! I’m back today with another wonderfully fun story template from The Sunday Chapter. Today, is a quick Q&A about me! Let’s get to it!

Always in my bag:

Hand sanitizer, hands down. Hahaha! I’m a germaphobe, so I am constantly using hand sanitizer. I’ve got one in my car, and in my desk as well. Always within an arms reach πŸ™‚

A bad habit I have:

I bite my nails y’all, badly! The only way I don’t is if I’ve got nail polish on them. So, I go an get gel manicures as often as I can, and usually end up painting them myself majority of the time so keep them looking decent.

First thing I do in the morning:

Pray. I hit that alarm and go right into prayer. This took a lot of conscious effort on my part. Usually I just thank God for another day and then my other prays come easily. I wanted to start my day positivity, instead of jumping right into social media and all of that drama.

A fear I have:

Home issues? What I mean by this is a fire, break in, gas leak, tornado, explosion, you name it. My anxiety is high because I’ve got a sweet doggy at home, so whenever I leave the house these are thoughts I have to combat. Thankfully, since getting the Ring security doorbell, that anxiety has gone down tremendously! Let me know if you’d like a review on this.

Currently loving on Insta:

That would be my girl @alyson_haley! You can find her beautiful blog here, and I’m just so obsessed with her style, decor, puppers & down to earth personality! She is worth checking out!

More to come…

I’ve got a few more of these waiting in the wings, I hope you enjoy, share, and join in!

From my Hart: This or That?

Hello friends! Today I bring a little Instagram fun to the blog! If you have IG you may have noticed people answering questions in their stories. I’ve decided to do the same, but to expand on it here for you all.

This will be tons of fun & allow us to get to know one another better! I grabbed these templates from The Sunday Chapter, and will post one a week! Today is… This or That?


Coffee or Tea:

I love coffee, I have to have a cup first thing in the morning. I enjoy it, I love the taste and the variations! However, I so enjoy having a good tea, be that alone, or out for high tea with family or friends! I picked coffee however because, I get a headache if I don’t have a cup first thing, and it was my first love. I do enjoy tea though, and often switch over to tea come 3 p.m. or I’m all jittery.

Sweet or Savory:

Y’all… sweet hands down! You guys should know this about me! I love nothing more than a doughnut, cake, crepe, cupcake, all of that goodness! I’ll pass on the gummies, etc but! I will always go for sweets over savory.

City or Beach:

Given the choice, I choose the beach. To me, nothing is better than that after dinner moment, walking along the beach as the sun sets into twilight. I love visiting the city, but I could never stay there for long periods of time.

Books or Movies:

I’m not really a movie girl. I don’t know why, I always enjoy myself when I do go to the movies. It’s strange, I’m never like “yes lets go to the movies!” Anyway, I only began enjoying books in high school, and now I love reading and collecting books! I’m currently reading The Energy Bus, and you can bet there will be a blog post about that coming soon!

Night In or Night Out:

Ya girl has not had a good night out since 2016, and man do I enjoy them. However, I am secretly an old grandma and nothing makes me happier than staying home. I get excited about going home, or cooking at home, or a weekend where I do nothing but stay home!

Dog or Cat:

I’m allergic to cats, however I think they are rude; that’s just my experience. I love kittens, cute as can be, but cats are just mean. I don’t enjoy them. Doggos however, whew move over humans! I go out of my way to pet and love on any doggie I see. I love my doggie more than anything. Dogs are the definition of unconditional love. THE. BEST.

Pizza or Pasta:

Pasta all the way! Might I add, since going starch free it is what I miss the most. God I could sink my teeth into some gnocchi right now! Pizza is good, but I think it’s over done since it’s my Dad’s #1 go to. Also, if you eat pizza, please eat it properly, the fold, and enjoy some thin crust for me. πŸ™‚

This or That?

I hope y’all enjoyed reading my opinions on the “this or that” choices! Please do the same so we can share the fun & get to know one another!

Have a great day!

From my Hart: Piper’s Book

I’m a writer… I’ve been blessed to craft some really great works over my 26 years, spanning from different speeches, to short stories. I am always honored when someone asks me to create something for them, be it professionally or personally. That’s why I made this blog! I. Love. To. Write!

It’s been weighing on my heart recently that my niece Piper has an incredible Aunt, up in heaven, Gigi. So I decided to write and curate a book for her to preserve her Aunt’s love. It was also therapeutic for me since I got a good hard cry out of writing the little poem for Piper. Let’s be honest, I cried over everything.

All of the pictures and quotes in the book are pulled right from Gigi’s facebook and a photo sharing ap we all are on. Gigi took the beautiful beach pictures at the end; that was her happy place. You will also see a guardian angel poem that I found peace in, as well as lyrics from one of my favorite Christian songs that I really feel encompassed how Gigi lived.

I hope you enjoy.

Piper’s Book:



special thanks to Shutterfly for printing this and making something so hard easy

From my Hart: Starch Free

WHEW LAWRD! If you told me that I would be sitting in March, having given up all things starch for over a month now, I would call you crazy.

When it comes to food I do not have discipline. I can confidently say, at 26 years old, that moderation is not something I am capable of with food. I’ve been known to put back half a dozen donuts in a 15 minute car ride before.20195_10204753556418565_6711143627010392960_n

Donuts are my weakness, pasta runs through my veins, and genuinely find happiness in eating!

Something had to change

All of that being said… I hated where I was. I had never been so inactive before, and when I took a step back, I noticed I was filling my diet with carbs and starches. No wonder I was eating so much and not feeling full.

I knew I should exercise more, & I also knew I should stop eating these starchy foods. It wasn’t until a friend at work talked to me in depth about her starch free diet, that I thought I could actually achieve something.


What is starch free

I cut out all grains, oats, beans, soy, rice, bread, pastas, etc. It was difficult. The first week I was one hangry human. However, now that I have taken the time to educate myself and go grocery shopping, I’m doing really well! I’m down 10 pounds and no longer get the shakes from my blood sugar going wonky.

I have more energy and sleep better at night- that’s because my body is burning off the fuel I feed it, instead of storing it!

Do I have room for improvement? Uh, yeah.

Do I foresee this as a diet, something I will reverse down the road? Surprisingly no.

I am really happy without the starches. My body just feels so much better, and I’m shocked with how much processed foods (granola bars, light snack packs, etc) I was eating, trying to fool myself that they were healthy!

I’d like to continue my research, and take things a step further. I need to get up and moving and do some form of exercise & I’d love to introduce more healthy real food options into my diet.

What about you?

Have any of you gone starch free or Keto? I’m not sure the difference, that’s part of my research soon, but I’ve heard a lot of people tell me what I am doing is very close to the Keto diet. If you are doing something similar… let’s swap recipes, successes/failures & support!

Happy eating & have a great weekend!

From my Hart: New Blog Schedule

Hello friends! I realize I’m coming to you very late on a Monday; so I’mΒ  going to keep this short, sweet and to the point.

I’m going to be changing my posting schedule from Monday’s and Friday’s to just Friday’s. I’d love to be cranking out posts at the speed I had been, but with graduate school kicking off again, work picking up, and my spare time looking at homes, I think this will be best.

I hope you tag along with me through this journey; I’m a bit nervous as things pick up in both the school and personal life arena, but I trust that God didn’t give me more than I could handle!

If you have anything you would like me to touch on, please leave it in the comments! I do really enjoy hearing your feedback and opinions. The goal, is to get back to blogging twice a week; but for I’m taking it one step at a time.

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you enjoy my Friday posts!


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