From my Hart: We’re Engaged!

If you are a close friend of mine, you’ve seen me plaster the good news all over social media- I am just so excited, and cannot believe… I get to marry my best friend!

The Proposal

While at the lake with my family, we all gathered around the fire during golden hour- which just happens to be my favorite time of day. The setting sun paints everything this beautiful golden hew & being at my favorite place, the setting could not have been better.

I took notice that everyone was outside, but this was not unusual- and I settled into my chair by the fire to watch my cousins try to beat their parents at a game of badminton.

That is when my (now) fiance came up behind me, and asked if I wanted to take a walk. This was also not unusual, as while cooking dinner earlier, he suggested it as I rattled off a million things I wanted to talk to him about.

As we started down towards the dock, I asked him where he wanted to walk to- our options were limited as we walked towards the lake. He suggested the boat, then quickly suggest this large rock, then changed his mind when I questioned the rock, admitting “right here is perfect.”

Confused, I stopped, turned to him and asked what he was doing. It was then that he got this huge smile, his eyes were evening smiling! I must’ve caught on because all I remember was me saying was… “nooooo…… are you really?” and busting into tears as he got down on one knee in front of me.

I could hear my family screaming behind us as they looked on, between the tears I was able to lock eyes with him, then more tears, then look at the ring to make sure this was seriously happening, then more tears.

He asked, I said yes, and I cried some more.



Happily Ever After

As we hugged and kissed, I still cried and laughed and smiled all at the same time, I could feel his heart beating out of his chest- it was the sweetest thing! My family swooped down with congratulating hugs and I held out my hand for them to see the ring that somehow ended up on my finger.


My Uncle caught the moment & all the wonderful moments after for us, and these pictures are so so treasured!

We spent the rest of the night calling family and friends to tell them our great news! I couldn’t believe that he had the ring since May and was holding it for our trip to the lake. I couldn’t believe that his family & mine had kept such a secret- though, I’m so glad they did.

The moment was perfect, white socks & all. It was with my family, at my favorite place, at my favorite time of day, with the man of my dreams! I’m so blessed that God walked this man into my life & I cannot wait to spend forever with my best friend.

More Engagement Pictures!

My parents wanted to set up a photographer to capture the big moment, but with too many things that could have altered the timing- like the nap I decided to take at 4 p.m. that pushed back our dinner plans- I’m am glad now, that my fiance looped my Uncle in  to capture the moment- organically!

However, my parents were able to set up an engagement photo shoot for us with the wonderful Jessica Fike a few days later! We received our “sneak peek” and I’m so excited to share some of those photos with you!





Happy FriYay & let the wedding planning begin!

From my Hart: Vacation Mode

Happy FriYay once again friends!

This week has been full of challenges: Monday began with a water main break at our office, I added it upon myself to complete two weeks of graduate school work in one, get an MRI, run errands, work, oh- and somehow live in between all of that.

I began Sunday night by being completely overwhelmed, and just threw in the towel. I gave up! I said to myself, if you get it all done-great. If not-oh well!

I can only do my best, and I’ve got 24 hours in a day. If I get the things on my list done, awesome-sauce. If I don’t, I tried my hardest & that’s okay! I refuse to be miserably crying in the laundry room, it was the only place I could be alone and just drop my guard, again because I’m putting too much pressure on myself.

Vacation Mode: Initiated!

I’m putting myself on vacation mode as of this evening! I’m taking a break from social media, from being connected to the internet, from school (hence two weeks of work in one) and from blogging.

Don’t worry! I will be back with a fresh Friday blog post on the 17th, but until then, I’m going to be fully present with my family and give myself some much needed rest & relation!

My wish for you!

I hope you have a great week! If you can’t take a week to just recharge, I highly suggest you give yourself at least a couple hours. Everyone needs to tend to their mental state, their physical state and their emotional state. My wish is that you take care of yourself & enjoy each moment.

Until the 17th, TTFN- ta ta for now!


From my Hart: Work Situation Update

Hello friends! I often spend time reflecting on where I am now, compared to where I was a year ago. While driving to work today, I was thinking about my upcoming vacation, and was reminded, that a year ago today- work was not so good.

You may remember From my Hart: Work Situation, where I filled y’all in on what happened upon my return from vacation last year. I was sat down, to be let go, and by the grace of God, had my two weeks notice ready to turn in. We parted ways relieved, and I’m still shocked at how I was prepared to handle the situation.


I am in a field I’ve always had interest in, but never knew how to break into.

I am supported everywhere I turn.

I am challenged and trusted.

I am filled with peace and joy when I think about my career.

I am in a position for growth and feel very stable at the same time.

I have great friends and new skills.

I really love where I am! I never would have guessed that one decision to turn in my notice, because I was too young to be berated and so miserable as my family reminded me, would blossom into a career I look forward to going to daily!

Don’t get me wrong, there are stressful things I face, but that’s okay. The entire team is so supportive and I’m just blessed to be in the position I am!

What a difference a year makes!

Hold on. Whatever is going on in your life, and I’ve been through some interesting things, hold on! There always is light at the end of the tunnel. You are stronger than you think. You will look back one day and be in a much better place! Trust me

From my Hart: Christmas in July 2018 Haul

Happy FriYAY y’all! If you are knew to this blog, there is one thing you should know: I love Christmas & QVC!

I look forward to Christmas in July on QVC every year, and I always stock up on essentials & new found finds! Much like last year, read here, I wanted to share my finds for this year’s Christmas in July!

New finds:

Harry Slatkin’s Candles:

I love candles as much as the next girl, but was never really pulled to purchase one of Mr. Slatkin’s until this Gingerbread Village was offered! I collect gingerbread’s for my kitchen at Christmas and this was a keepsake I could not pass up on!

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 6.11.01 PM

The glazed gingerbread candle comes with this wonderful village, as well as a wonderful plate to hold it all together. The village sits around the candle and the four wicks will illuminate each little window in the village. I cannot wait!

You can find this item here.

Another Harry Slatkin Candle:

I’m eager to see what all of the hype is about with the King of Candles, Mr. Slatkin. Luckily for him, I was enticed to try his candles yet again by the vessel in which the candle is presented!

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 6.19.16 PM

I really wanted the Santa option, which sold out, but y’all look at this shimmery snowy tree! I’m going to absolutely use this as a cookie jar forever and ever as Mr. Slatkin suggested once I burn the candle down. The scent is trim the tree, with layers of mulled spices, roasted apples, pine, brandied cranberries and blood oranges. YUMMMM!

You can find this item here.

Oldies but goodies

Mrs. Prindable’s Apples:

I would be harassed if I did not buy Mrs. Prindable’s Apples at Christmas. Not only does my family love to eat them, we always have a few in the fridge to give out as gifts!

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 6.23.16 PM

This year I ordered the variety pack with flavors such as brownie, jumbo chocolate chip, holiday sprinkle and jumbo chocolate chip with pretzel bits! There are different flavor varieties available and even awesome new gift containers that come with some! Just keep them in the fridge and take out to soften up before taking a bite or cutting them to share- guaranteed to be a hit!

You can find this item here.

Kringle Express Gift Bag Set with Tags:

This is another item that I reordered from last year. I purchased it just because, and I cannot express how much time and sanity these have saved! My boyfriend “wraps like a t-rex” as he would say, and these are perfect for him. They are peek proof, and really tastefully done. Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 6.30.59 PM

I had not realized how many oddly shaped gifts I needed to wrap- these are perfect! There are more jumbo bags in this assortment, and also some non-seasonal designs which can be used year-round!

This item can be found here.

Bethlehem Lights:

I loved these last year as a new purchase, so much so I needed some for myself! We used these particular lights on my Grandparent’s bushes, which you can see here. I grabbed two clear sets and two green / red / clear sets for myself!

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 6.41.52 PM

Bethlehem lights are outstanding, the battery boxes make this a set-it and forget-it display for indoor or outdoor use. I love all of the different settings, such as twinkle, that you can choose from & I cannot wait to use these in my own home one day.

You can find this item here.

Awesome QVC Extras:

As always, I used my QCard and received wonderful options such as… easy payments. This breaks up the total costs over a few months to help you make payments. Luckily nothing I ordered was extreme in price, but this is always a wonderful payment option.

Additionally, I will not be charged until the items ship! This means once my Mrs. Prindable’s apples are dipped, they are shipped and then I am charged!

Also, I was able to pick different ship weeks for certain items, so they would arrive just as I needed them! Did I mention I also locked in Christmas in July SALE PRICES? Y’all these prices will go up come the holiday season, lock in the deals while you can!

I love QVC, I love Christmas, I love Christmas in July on QVC! I hope you all enjoyed my haul, and I will be sure to touch base, once the items come rolling in for the season, to let you all know how I enjoy them! Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer!

All images are from QVC

From my Hart: Ice Cream Sundae Bar & Idea!

Hey y’all… it’s a bonus blog day!

Last Thursday at work we hosted an Ice Cream Sundae Bar and it was a huge hit! I’m so excited so share with you an idea I had that I’m going to jump right in!

Caramel and Hot Fudge: Solved

You know how when you have hot fudge or caramel sauce, you have to keep reheating it because it gets so chunky as it cools? Well do I have a solution for you- fulled by my own brain and not Pinterest for once!


Y’all I put water in the crock pot- turned it on, sat the jars of caramel sauce and a jars of hot fudge into the water & they stayed perfectly drizzly the entire time! People were so impressed, I was impressed, and now I’m telling you because I think I’m a genius!


Fun Committee

If you don’t have a fun committee at work, I highly suggest you start one. We hosted this event for $57 flat. It really is the little things that help bring people together & create a sense of community.

Start small with birthday cards- have everyone sign it and get some cupcakes for the birthday girl / boy. Maybe get pizza on a Friday for everyone or donuts one morning. Have fun with it! The options are endless & makes work more fun!


From my Hart: July is a Mess

Hello friends! It is officially the second Friday July…we’ve crossed the half way point already and are full-steam ahead into summer!

For me, I’ve found myself overbooked, yet again. I said to my boyfriend, “July is a mess and I don’t know how to fix it!” I’ve been up to lots of fun things, but that is not without stress to accomplish tasks, having to explain to people that I’ve overbooked myself, and exhaustion.

I have a problem

I realized this last night, when I was making a to do list for myself and felt compelled to write items such as “sleep well, eat breakfast & drive to work” on my to do list. -.-

It’s not that I am so busy that I would forget to eat breakfast and go to work, it’s that I’m so anxious about accomplishing my daily tasks that I’m becoming compulsive again & more quickly overwhelmed.

What’s a girl to do?

Well, I’ve got a lot more activities, deadlines, and things to accomplish this month, and as much as I’d like to throw in the towel and just spend my days in bed or taking walks, that is not going to work.

So, I’ve got to get better at managing graduate work, house hunting, my regular work, nannying and a social life. The only way I can do this, is by tending to myself first. If I don’t, I’ll crash on vacation instead of enjoying myself.

  1. I know I need to function off a certain amount of sleep eat night, continue to eat well & to run or bike each day to keep myself moving and feeling good!
  2. I need to prioritize my daily tasks at work, put on my do not disturb at times, and get down to business!
  3. I will continue to accomplish my graduate work at the pace I am, but I need to realize that the deadlines I set for myself are earlier than the actual due dates… that it’s okay if I turn in work a day early or day of, instead.
  4. Finally, I need to schedule some down time, so that when we suddenly rush off to see a house, or I’ve got something to do with family or friends, I don’t feel dread at having one more item on my to do list.

That’s life

It’s a balancing act and I’m realizing my need to accomplish things at a certain pace and time is actually making me rigid. I might even be adding more stress than helping at times.

My planner is still my go-to, and I tend to be over zealous and say yes to a bunch of things, but it’s a work in progress.

Each day is a gift, we need to stop and enjoy each moment. I may have shed a tear silently in my car here and there because I am just overwhelmed, but that is okay! I feel the emotion and then I choose to stay positive, happy and to enjoy each day!

Feature image from RowdyGowdys

From my Hart: A loss update

Hey all, I started talking to my cousin- who now has her own permanent shrine of sorts up on my wall, and I got the urge to write, so here we go.

It’s been seven months since we lost Gigi.

Overall I’d say I’m doing alright. I try not to think about the time since her death; the days, weeks and months that have passed. I try very hard to just live right here for right now, and not image how long it’s been since we’ve talked, or that I’ve seen her. I certainly don’t allow myself to think of the years I have ahead of myself without her, because that just causes me to break down instantly.

So, here I find myself. Talking yet again to a picture on a wall, trying so hard not to crumble. I’m in the balancing act of what I like to call: keepin on while properly mourning.

I know for a fact, that if I just push it all down, I will come to this point where I physically cannot handle the built up grief anymore. I’m not going to let that happen, so I cry when I feel the tears come and I reminisce daily.

I’m also at the point when I think about future life events (ie. wedding, moving, etc) that all I see is the glaringly obvious absence of Gigi. So I quickly try to shift my thinking; to not think about the sadness of that, but the happiness that she’ll be there in spirit, and on time for once. 😉

I lean on family and friends when the sadness is just too much. I talk to her ALL the time. I go through anger and frustration. I wasn’t ready. I wanted more time. I needed her here longer.

I’m not mad at God, I know that man knows what He’s doing. I’m just mad this is where I stand. In this crummy limbo of missing her and having to keep on.

So I throw my head back and make weird noises like she did, I squeal & hug people so hard they can’t breathe. I try and do my thing, keep rockin’ it and hold my head high. I’m determined to keep living life in her memory and enjoying every moment.

I miss you Gigi